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To book your adventure with us please enquire via email or telephone. We can tailor it to your personal requirements.

Due to the design of our bikes we can not accommodate riders with body weight in excess of 17 stone (110 kg) on the ‘Challenger’ and ‘Endurance’ and 21 stone (130 kg) on other packages.

Ride with Animals (min. 3 quads)

Adult quad £48 each

Child quad £43 each

Family Adventure (min. 3 quads)

Adult quad £48 each

The Thrill

Adult (min. 2 quads) £56 each

Group of 3-5: £50 each

The Challenger

Adult (min. 2 quads) £70 each

Group of 3-5: £65 each

The Endurance

Adult quad £145 each


10% discount on all weekday bookings!

Contact Us

Phone: 01451 885 150.

Email: rideit@quadquest.co.uk